Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My two wonderful dogs, Caesar and Nani, are participating in Paws in the Park. Paws in the park is a fundraiser where dogs and their humans walk around Lake Eola to raise money for the Orlando Humane Society. The Orlando Humane Society is where nate and I adopted Caesar. Paws in the Park is more than just a walk, there will also be contests and games. But more important than all the fun, is helping homeless animals. So, if any of you folks would like to make a donation (every dollar counts) please contact me.

Off topic here, but I have had a couple people ask me about our wedding registry. We are registered at Pottery Barn and at Pier One. If you want to get us something original, feel free. We would always love more stuff for our tiki bar.

So, Nate's birthday (35 years! Wow, is he old or what?) is on Sunday. SO, Saturday night we are going to Old Town to see the old cars. Yes, I expect to be bored, but Nate's into all that car stuff.

That's about it. Lots coming up in the next few months. Mardi Gras is starting at work on Feb.11. FX con and Megacon are coming up.
And some great bands are coming in concert:

Rocket 88

The Horrorpops

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Dropkick Murpys

Oops, the dogs are bugging me to go out for a walk.
Bye everyone!

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