Saturday, January 07, 2006

Not much to say. Been busy working. I was only on the schedule for 16 hours this week, ended up working 40. ANyway, just got our tickets to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in April, and in March we are going to go see Dropkick Murphy's with the Horrorpops. Wow, I don't even remember the last time I went to a concert where I had to get tickets ahead of time, we usually just go see local bands. Anyway, I am probably going to dye my hair soon. Black again (as per usual). But I am thinking of doing something different. Probably some chunks underneath. Can't decide between bubble gum pink or turqouise blue. I'm not really a pink sort of girl, but I think it would look good with black.

Oh, and I am thinking of telling nate I want a new tattoo for Valentine's Day.

Bye all. have to work at 8am tomorrow.

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