Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I got a new tattoo. Its nowhere near complete yet. SO far just the outline. Once Mexico is over, I'm gonna get the shading & color filled in. Excuse the redness in the pic, it was taken right after the session.

(and yes, it hurt, ALOT)

Also dyed my hair. No pics of that yet. It's like a dark red. Kinda cranberry color.

Less than a week till tour. We fly to Mexico City on Sunday, we will be there until August. No idea what the internet situation will be like, so you guys may or may not be hearing from me.

Oh, and someone should buy me this, it's on a tshirt from threadless.com:

THats all for now. I need to go put another coat of paint on the RV (we are painting around the shower.)


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Riro and Stitch said...

Wow, Sandy. That looks like one mother of a tattoo. Holy Buckets. Hope you and my fave dogs and Nate are great. Miss you buddy!