Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm not Italian. But I guess I should be.

What nationality do you fit better?

[x] you wear flip flops all year
[ ] you call flip flops thongs not flip flops
[x] you love a backyard bbq
[ ] you know a barbie is not a doll
[x ] you love the beach
[ ] you’re a sports fanatic
[ ] you are tan / or kind of tan
[ ] you’re a bit of a bogan
[ ] you have an Australian something
Total= 3

[x] the Sopranos is a good show.
[ ] your last name ends in a vowel.
[ ] your grandmother makes her own sauce.
[x] you know how a real meatball tastes.
[ ] you know a lot of italian songs.
[x] you have dark hair and/or dark eye color
[ ] you speak some italian.
[ x] you are under 5Åå10”.
[x] pasta is the best food in the world.
[ x] you talk with your hands.

[ ] you say member instead of Remember
[ x] you speak spanish/ or a little
[x] You love tacos.
[ ] yoU TyPe lIkE ThIs On Da CoMpUtEr.
[ ] you know what a Bodega is.
[x ] you talk fast
[ x] you are a girl you have dyed your hair.{HIGHLIGHTS COUNT}

[ ] you say villian as: Vee-lon
[x] you can get short tempered
[x] you know of sombody named natasha
[ x] white skinned
[ x] you get cold easily
[ ] snow is fun for you
[ ] you get into contests often
[ ] You can easily make do with the cold weather
[ ] screw beer, it’s about the vodka.
[x] you curse like crazy.

[ ] you think beer is the best
[x] you have a bad temper.
[ ] Your last name starts with a Mc OR Murph or O’ or Fitz or ends with a ley/ly,on,un,EN,an,RY,nyor its a long running joke that your last name is MacBrown.–one of em.
[ ] you have blue or green eyes.
[x] you like the color green.
[x] you have been to a st.pattys day party.
[ ] you have a family member from Ireland (Ansestors count)
[x] you can be very loud
[] you are a happy person

[] you like rap
[] you talk with slang (vernacular)
[x] you know how to shoot a gun.
[x] you like chicken
[ ] you like watermelon
[ x] you can dance
[ ] you can sing gospel

[ ] you have slanty eyes
[x] you like rice a lot
[ x] you are smart
[ ] you can play the piano
[ ] you have family from an asian country
[ x] you laugh sometimes covering your mouth
[ ] most people think you’re chinese
[ ] you call hurricanes typhoons
[ ] you go to Baulko
[ ] you know how to speak any asian language

[x] you like bread
[x] you think American Chocolate would be better with less Sugar
[] you drink your coke without ice
[ ] you Speak a little German
[ ] you know what Schnitzel is
[ ] you are Catholic, Christian or Lutheran
[x] you went to Kindergarten/Pre-school
[ ] you’re at least or over 5Åå4Åç
[ ]when you get angry some sort of accent comes out.
[ x] techno or trance is your one of you favorites.
Total =4

[x] you start laughing out of no where
[ ] you laugh with a high pitch
[x] you like techno
[ ] you have to ask someone how to spell Polish
[ ] you have a round shaped head
[x] you have dark brown, or blonde hair
[x ] you dont get tan in the summer
[ ] you know that your not called Polish your called a Pole
[ ] you are at least 5Åå5 or taller
Total =4

[x ] you like/play/played hockey
[ ] you love beer
[ ] You’ve said eh
[ x] you know what poutine is
[ ] you speak some french
[x] you love Tim Hortons donuts
[ ] at one point you lived in a farm house
[x] you have watched degrassi

[x] you know how to fire a gun
[ ] you own multiple guns
[ ] you own body armor
[ ] you don't bluff.
[ x] you count more people you're not related to as family than the people who you're biologically related to
[x] You don't look like much of a fighter, but everyone you've ever fought would disagree
[x] you like scars, and wish that you had more/had some that were highly visible
[ ] you have been mistaken for a soldier in the US Army, because you always wear combat boots, pistol belts, dog tags, and fatigues of some sort.
[ ] you think it's a glory to die in battle
[x ] Supreme tactics will always make up for lack in numbers
Total= 4

the one you have more points in is the one you are

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