Thursday, June 12, 2003

Lake Mary, FL...So I just finished reading "More, Now, Again" by Elizabeth Wurtzel. Is it bad that this book made me WANT to do drugs? I know that this book is about her struggle to get clean, but when she talks about snorting 40pills of ritalin a day, it makes me want to try it just to see what the hell the big deal is. I mean, I would never do it, I havent done drugs in years, but it does make me curious. It is kind of like when I saw the matrix2 and thought that I should see it again on acid. Oh well. It was a good book tho, I highly recommend it to anyone that has been an addict, or anyone who just wants to know how a person gets to that point. Anyway, got to feed my cat before she claws me to death.

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