Saturday, June 28, 2003

Tampa, FL... So Amy and I decided to go to Tampa for Jenn's Birthday. Figured we would go out, dress up, dance, score free drinks from dumb boys. Didn't expect to nearly end up in a bar fight.But, when the three of us get together, anything can happen. See, Amy wore an EXTREMELY low-cut black dress, and when we sat at the bar (we went to Channelside) Amy sat on the stool next to me, but her breasts basically rested on the bar in front of her. Well, we had a few drinks, and then these two girls came up and sat on the stools at the end of the bar. We could hear their conversation and when their conversation turned to discuss whether Amy's breasts were real or fake, she couldn't just keep her mouth shut. So, Amy proceeded to say, VERY LOUDLY, "YES, THEY ARE REAL!!!" Not only did every girl in the room give Amy a dirty look after that, but the two girls shut-up real fast. Hahahaha. Today we went to lunch with Matt. It's so wierd to be friends with my exboyfriend, but I am glad that we have finally passed that "akward" phase. Oh Well. I watched "The Neverending Story" on DVD with Mom, hadn't seen that movie since I was a kid and I had forgotten how poorly dubbed that movie is (it was originally German). That is one of those books though, where you need to see the movie before you read the book, because the book so much better (plus the movie only covers about a third of the book). The recent Supreme Court ruling on sodomy was good, but Justice Scalia is invited to a family wedding I am attending, so it will be interesting to see if I can handle being in a room with the man who voted to ban sodomy and who actually is closed minded and conservative enough to have actually used the words "homosexual agenda". ARGHHHH! And I am expected to be in a room with this man??? I don't care if he is on the supreme court, that is just ridiculous. Oh and for those of you out there in cyber-space who want to read about George Bush's lies (we need to impeach that man already) check out my friend Chas' Blog at Check it out. Warning to all you PC fans though, Chas is EXTREMELY pro-Mac. Bye All. Just Giv'er.

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