Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Nassau, Bahamas...Okay, okay, so I am not actually in the Bahamas anymore. But I just got back from a cruise there. My entire family went on a Disney Cruise for four days on the Disney Magic. It was good, but I probably wouldn't go on a Disney Cruise again. It was great for the kids, but since I do have to see Disney characters at work, I really didn't want to see them on vacation. And they were everywhere. At breakfast, in the hallway, on the island, even at the bar. The food was good, but that is true of all cruises. I did meet the lighting tech on the ship, and he gave me a tour of backstage and showed me front of house. Got to see their light board (a whole hog 3...so much better than what I use at work). Anyway, I will write more about the cruise tomorrow. Right now, I just need to sleep. How is it that I just got back from vacation and I already feel like I need another one?

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