Monday, June 09, 2003

Lake Mary, FL...Well, I am finally home. I have been al over the place. Shopping in New York, dancing on the island, drinking with frat boys in Sung Karaoke in Orlando, picked up girls in Tampa, I went to my exboyfriend's little brothers high school graduation, saw a few movies (The In-Laws was funny, but I hated the last fifteen minutes of Down to Love). And yesterday I went to Gay Day at Disney with my mom. Disney is always fun, but gay day is the best day to go. When else can you see a drag queen getting her picture taken with Cruella DeVille? Or Peter Pan with a bunch of guys wearing "I Like Boys" Shirts? And the cast members at Disney have fun with gay day, our guide on the jungle cruise made so many gay jokes, I thought some of the guys on our boat were going to fall overboard they were laughing so hard. I tried to go see Jenn sing at the SheRock festival, but it was sold out. So Amy and I went drinking at Planet Hollywood instea? I doubt it. But as my friend Dave always says "alchohal can solve any problem, the bigger the problem, the more alchohol you need").

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