Thursday, December 31, 2009

Well, 2009 is coming to a close. Every year I update my blog with a year-end post. Listing where we went, what tattoos I got, etc. THis year I did neither. No trips, no tour, no tattoos. Instead, this year found us doing more conventional things. We moved from our condo to a house (definately better, a yard, a garage, we're much happier). Nate lost a good job due to the economy, but being unemployed led him back to skating so it all worked it for the best. He loves coaching and things seem to be going really well for him. I left my side job so I could focus just on working with the union. Basically 2009 started off okay, then went severely downhill, but by the end of the year, things were drastically improved. 2010 is looking to be really good.

Anyway, here would be my highlights for the year:
Books: I would normally list a top five, but I read so much this year. Now that I'm not touring, I can go to the library again. SO, I'm reading alot more. This year I read alot of series. I read all the DUNE books (yes, all of them). I also read all of the Harry Potter books, the Percy Jackson books (looking foward to the movie in 2010), and the Twilight books. ALso read Neil Gaiman's the Graveyard Book. I love everything Neil Gaiman writes, this was no exception. I'm currently working on getting through the Dexter books and the Sookie Stackhouse books (that HBO's True Blood is based on). Which brings me to...

Television: My favorite series this year
1. Glee
2. True Blood
3. Dexter
4. Dollhouse (I am so sad this show got cancelled, I love everything Joss does)
5. Battlestar Galactica (again, I was sad to see this go, but it had a long run)
And while I didn't put it in the top five, the Torchwood "Children of Earth" miniseries was AMAZING. By far the best television of the year. It had me yelling at the tv, it brought me to tears. AMAZING.

2.Inglorious Basterds
3. Star Trek
4. Coraline (in 3-d! I love Neil Gaiman)
5. Food, Inc. (great documentary)
There were alot of other great movies this year. Many (like Avatar and Sherlock Holmes, I intend to see soon)

No top five for this. First, gotta say I am sick of Kings of Leon. I liked "Use Somebody" the first hundred times I heard it, no I automatically change the station when it comes on. The year seemed to be overrun with Taylor Swift, the Black Eyed Peas, and Lady Gaga. I love Gaga, but feel like so many other artists might have missed out on the limelight. oh well. Nate and I went to a couple concerts this year (Richard Cheese, Reverend Horton Heat) but we went to see more local bands than anything else. Rocket 88, Knockdown Dragout, The Nova Rays, Traverser, etc.

Guess thats about it for now. In 2010 we hope to support more local music (and the local derby team!) and are looking foward to some good movies like Iron Man 2, Percy Jackson, Alice In Wonderland, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and even Eclipse (I read the books, cheezy as it may be). Also looking foward to a trip to St Augustine (we were supposed to go today but cancelled due to rain).

Gotta go! Hubby and I have nch plans then are going to the movies.

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