Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Lake Mary, Florida...Well, the State of Florida sucks. I have been denied unemployment. So, now I have to find a job. Oh Well. At least I don't have to work yet. I go to Tampa next week, then I will be in New York. So I don't need anything until I get back. And I have my last paycheck till then, and my bonus should come in soon (thank god). Anyway, last night was a strange night. Rod called me from Canada. For those of you who don't know, Rod and I were dating on tour; but I didn't really plan on talking to him once tour ended. Nice to hear from him tho. Then last night Jill and I went to a party at Jenn Lazar's house. We were only gonna stop by, but once the tequila shots started, I knew we were stuck there (at least till Jill sobered up enough to drive). Yeah, it was good to see all the people I haven't seen in years, but I kind of felt like I was back in highschool seeing all the old faces. Plus, Lazar and I used to date, so that is always a little akward (especially when you walk in on her and her new girlfriend making out). Tomorrow I go to the chiropractor, find out how much my back is fucked up. Lazar got a breast reduction a couple months ago, said it was the best thing she has ever done, maybe I should think about it. But then, every guy I know would have a heart attack if they saw me without "Laquisha & Tamponica" (That is what my friend Marcy named my DDs.

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