Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Tampa, Florida...So, I am typing this on Jenn's computer. I am staying with her for a few days before I go to New York. Last night we went to The Castle. I hadn't been there in years. Good music, not much eye candy though. Jenn got drunk. No suprise. But she did start calling people on my cell phone and singing to them, which was kind of funny. She seranaded Amy at like 2 in the morning. Saw some old friends from school. Which was wierd. Makes me glad I don't live in Tampa, I couldn't handle the pressure. I don't think I have the energy to live up to my reputation anymore. I am getting too old to be the life of the party. I pass the torch on to anyone who wants it. Oh well. Went to dinner with Matt tonight. It was refreshing. Our relationship has been so tense these past couple years. Breaking up, Getting back together, Breaking up again. But for the first time in amolst five years, I didnt feel anything for him. I care about him, and we had a nice time hanging out, but I now know that things are really over between us (I just hope he knows that too, I have broken his heart more times than I can count). I don't know whether it's becuase I went away for so long, or because of Rod, or maybe I have just matured. I don't know. Oh well. Anyway, I am gonna go. It is time to get my drink on.

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