Sunday, May 11, 2003

Lakeland, Florida...It;s been a busy weekend. Friday, Mom and I went see Jenn perform at White Wolf Cafe. Jenn really has come along way as a singer/songwriter. To check out her songs, go to Saturday, we went to my grandparents house. And then today we visited my Great-Grandmother at her nursing home. Which meant I had to sit through an hour of Gospel music. And not good black music, but bad white Gospel music. I am amazed I could stay awake. But at least my grandmother didnt hassle me about my lack of a driver's liscense. And since I am down to a size 0, she finally cant get on me about my weight. She did however, ask about Rod. I try to keep my family as uninformed as possible (I don't think they need to know about my love life, we live by a don'y ask-don't tell policy). But Nana did notice that Rod and I are together in a couple of pics so she asked, but I certainly didn't tell. Anyway, tomorrow I go to Tampa. I am driving over with Natalie (my roommate in college). We get along alot better now that we don't live together. At least with me being away, she doesnt have to worry about me stealing her guys (I still feel bad about the whole Mike Boston situation). Oh well. And I get to see Matt, which is good and bad. I mean, we are friends. But it is just wierd to be friends with someone who at one point in time you were going to marry. Oh well. Anyway, I gotta pack, I mean Tampa, New York, and then if I am lucky I am going to model in Texas. Just Giver.

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