Friday, May 23, 2003

Long Island, NY...I don't understand how I can lose 40pounds, wear a size zero, and yet my grandmother still makes comments like "Are you sure you want a second helping?" and "How about having a DIET coke instead of a reugular one?" AURGHHHHH!!!! I just don't get it. That and my grandfather and I were talking about Tiffany's wedding and I said something about how when I get married I don't want all this fuss Tiffany is going thru" and my grandpa says to me that I am way too young to get married. Even though Tiffany is less than a year older than me and she has been engaged for three years. I don't understand. Well, i guess I do, but it still isnt right. Just cuz I am the baby of the family does that mean I will forever be treated like I am 12? Oh well. And speaking of family problems, my dad's birthday is tommorrow, my grandmother actually had the nerve to ask me if I was going to call him. Let's think about that, I haven't recieved a "Happy Birthday" from my dad in over ten years. I haven't been on speaking terms with him in over five, now, why would I call him? Oh well, as is obvious by my rambling, I am looking foward to my trip to be over, I can only deal with family for so long. And I still have to host a wedding shower for Tiffany on Sunday!! How will I ever survive??? The same way everyone survives family functions I guess...lots and lots of alchohal.

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