Monday, July 21, 2003

Hello Everybody! I have been a little out of touch the past few days. Really busy. People to do, things to see. (Oops! Freudian slip!) I meant things to do, people to see. Anyway, tomorrow I get my wisdom teeth pulled (ouch!) But once I get back on my feet, I will be back to my usual talkative self. I have so much to do before I go to New York, and before I go back on tour. I am so stressed. Oh well. At least I will be on heavy narcotics for the next couple days (they really do give you good sh*t after surgery, don’t they!) I figure, the wisdom teeth will hurt, but it will be an excuse to sit and do nothing. That is the plan, sit on my ass, take some pills, and watch a bunch of movies (Thanx for loaning me all the DVDs Jill!) Anyway, bye all. Chas’ Birthday celebration is Wednesday nite, so let’s hope I am up to going out by then, and I will give you all a report on the festivities. Bye!

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