Monday, July 14, 2003

So I went to Legible Leftovers and got some reading material. Picked up quite a few books. I got “Player Piano” by Kurt Vonnegut, Anne Rice’s “Cry to Heaven” (the only book by Rice I had yet to pick up), and “The Tommyknockers” by Stephen King. I’m working on my “Player Piano” now, I’ll save the other two to read next week after I get my wisdom teeth out. Ouch! Just thinking about the surgery hurts. Hopefully though, they will give me good drugs to handle the pain.
I also saw “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”. The movie wasn’t bad, but it is just another example of the book being better then the movie. For one thing, they did make a few changes. Like adding Tom Sawyer, he is not in the book, but the movie studio wanted to add a young American to the cast. Also, Mina Harker is the leader of the group in the book, not Alan Quatermain (in fact he is an Opium addict in the book). Oh well. The effects were cool. And I was suprised how much they went into the characters; in fact, they could have spent more time on the plot, and less on the characters (but given how illiterate modern movie audiences are, I guess some poeple aren’t familiar with the characters). Sean Conner does kick some ass in the fight scenes (immpressive for a man old enough to be my grandfather). Overall, everyone was good. But, I really wasn’t impressed by Peta Wilson’s Mina Harker; and after having seen “Queen of the Damned” everytime Stuart Townsend was on the screen in “League” as Dorian Grey, I kept picturing him as Lestat in those leather pants. Still want to go see “Pirates of the Carribean” and “28 Days”. I swear, I have seen more movies in the past two months then I have in the past two years. But, that is just cause I am home. Once I go back on tour, I won’t have time for the movies.
Krista is out of the hospital. She has months of physical therapy ahead of her, and she will probably set off metal detectors now that she has all that titanium in her neck. But, at least she is okay. I will see her at Tiff’s wedding next month. And speaking of the wedding, what the hell should I buy Tiff and Josh? I mean, I am the maid of honor, so getting them a bunch of dishes off their registry seems a little impersonnal. So, if anyone has any ideas for a gift. email me and let me know. Thanks.

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