Friday, July 04, 2003

Lake Mary, FL...So, I went and saw Terminator 3 last night. Does anyone else notice that the Terminator trilogy is a prequel to the Matrix trilogy? I mean, in Terminator, the humans fight the machines to keep them from taking over. In the Matrix, the humans fight the machines to regain control. So basically, the one is a prequel for the other. Even the shots in the terminator of "after the attack" have that dark, gray look like the Matrix has. Oh well. Terminator was a dissappointed though. The first two films had more character development and more depth to the plot. Also, the first two talked about the whole "paradox of time travel" thing. This movie was all special effects, fight scenes, and chase scenes. But it was worth seeing just to see Arnold Schwarzenegger (I have no idea if I spelled that right) say "Talk to the Hand".
This is a summer with lots of movies. Still waiting to see "Legally Blonde 2", "Pirates of the Carribbean" (Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom dressed as pirates, Yummmm!", and "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (even though they are changing it, Mina Harker is the leader in the book, not Allan Quatermain). I saw Hulk a few days ago, really bad movie, but it is worth seeing just for the five seconds that Stan Lee is on the screen. (Boy, am I a comic book geek or what?)

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