Sunday, May 02, 2004

So I am watching Alias tonight (Isabella Rosselini was awesome) when it gets to the end with the previews, and there are clips from the season finale....that will air in three weeks! In three weeks I will be in Guatemala. Damnit! That means I will have to have mom tape it and save it till I come back in the middle of July to watch it. That sucks. Fucking May Sweeps.
Oh well.
Anyway, so tomorrow I have to go to the doctor, just a checkup. I hate doctors. But I am home so rarely that I end up having to schedule all my appointments (dr, dentist, chiropractor, etc.) all in the same week. Yuck!
So Nate flies in Monday to visit for a week before we go back to tour. If anyone has any god suggestions on things to do, feel free to email me (he has never been to Orlando before). I figure Islands of Adventure is always a good choice (I love roller coasters). Epcot is a possibility depending on funds (Nate would like test track). Old Town for a Car Show, since Nate is a car freak. But that won't fill up a whole week. So if anyone has any other suggestions, let me know.
Oh well. I've rambled on long enough now. Bye All.

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