Saturday, May 08, 2004

Went to the
DEROOT concert last night at the Club at Firestone. Here is a pic of me and Amy before the concert last night. I wore my "My Boyfriend is Out of Town Shirt". Heard some cheezy pick-up lines (like, hey baby, need me to keep you company while your boyfriend is gone?) Amy wore something with lots of cleavage (she was broke and hoping to score free drinks). The concert was good, Deroot has come a long way since they used to be be the amateur garage band that played the Fairbanks Inn. Saw the most adorable thing, there were a bunch of kids at the concert, they hung out on stage while their parents got into the mosh pit. I did feel kind of old at the consert, especially when I saw highschool girls in the pit. Or the girl who had to have her mom drop her off outside the concert cause she isn't old enough to drive. (When did I become so old? Oh well, at least I'm not as old as Nate--haha, just kidding babe) It was Rob's (the lead singer) birthday, and his parents and Grandmother were there. As we were leaving, some guy tried to stick his face in Amy's breasts, when Mrs. Mulligan (Rob's mom) walked by and said to creepy breast guy "Don't do that, I know her mother!"

Anyway, going to my grandmother's for mothers day. Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there.

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