Sunday, May 16, 2004

Okay, so it has been a really busy week. I had to go the chiropractor, and the dentisit. Yuck! Plus Nate is visiting, so we did the tourist thing and went to Islands of Adventure to ride the rollar coasters and went to old town to see the car show (Nate into car stuff). Anyway, I have pics to put up, but I don't have time now, we are driving to Miami today. Tomorrow evening we leave for Guatemala. Supposedly, there is internet access at our hotel there though, so I will still be in touch. Plus, I just installed an airport card in my computer yesterday, so now I can use wifi while I am at bored at the airport. Anyway, gotta go. I will see you all when I come back from tour (sometime after Ecuador, hopefuly around July 13 or so).

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