Saturday, December 17, 2005

I have some horrible news. Nate and I are seriously considering canceling our wedding. We just can't afford it. And, if we cancel it now, we can still get all of our deposits back, and our guests can still refund plane tix and hotel rooms. We have been going over the bills and we cannot find anyway to do it. Both of us have very large credit card bills (almost completely comprised of wedding deposits on photographers, accomodations, etc.) and it just down't seem logical to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding when that money could go toward paying off credit cards and paying our mortgage, plus property taxes are coming up. We were both looking foward to this wedding so much, but now it looks like a good possibility we will end up just going to city hall.
We are going to think about it, and decide in the new year.
But for those of you planning on coming to the wedding, don't buy any plane tix without talking to us first.

Sorry everyone. I am going to go cry now.

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