Wednesday, December 28, 2005

updated to add: My grandmother's dog, Koti, recently passed away. He was a wonderful pet. Even at his advanced age, he always acted like a puppy. He was an important memnber of the family. If you would like to, please donate to your local animal shelter in his memory.

Christmas update: So, Nate and I both had to work on Christmas Day. We did manage to snag a day off for christmas eve though, went down to my grandparent's house. It was Nate's first christmas with my family (although, he has met them before). I warned him ahead of time, but I don't think anything can prepare you for birthday cake for Jesus and wise men with Burger King crowns.

Picture time!

Max, the Grinch and me.

Christmas tree at work.

My grandparents gave us all matching shirts with our names embroidered on them, we look like a bowling team.

My mom sang "Oh, Holy Night" (with Aunt Donna accompanying her on piano, and cousin Hope doing the song in sign language)

Our family reenacting the Natitivity (its a tradition, we do it every year).

Caesar got a toy box.

Nani got new sunglasses.

Our wedding invitations came in, so once we have a day off to send them all out we will. You all should be recieving them sometime in January.

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope everyone has fun. Drive safely! (I'll be busy working on New Year's eve).

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