Thursday, December 29, 2005

Well, 2005 is almost over. So, here is my yearly wrap up.

Highlights of the year:
1) Getting engaged!
2) Nate getting his job at Sea World.
3) Visits from Nate's parents, Marcus, Mark, Tiffany. Who cares if you can't afford a vacation, when you live in Orlando, everyone comes to you.
4) SGFL camping trip. You know, drinking in the woods actually is fun.
5) new tattoos (including Nate's first)and getting our dogs

best movies we saw this year:
1) The Aristocrats
2) Murderball
3) Reefer Madness:the Musical and RENT (both good, Rent wasn't as good as the play, but Reefer Madness surpassed the original)
4) 40 Year Old Virgin
5) Batman Begins, Serenity, and Sin City (blame my mom for the love of sci-fi)

I don't buy CDs, but these were my fave downloads this year:
1) Nine Inch Nails- With Teeth
2) Gorillaz- Demon Days
3) Sigur Ros- Takk
4) Death Cab for Cutie- Plan
5) William Shatner - Has Been

Favorite TV shows (ie the only shows I watch on a regular basis)
1) Lost
2) House
3) Veronica Mars
4) Alias (it sucks this season, but I just want to see how they wrap everything up in the end)
5) CSI

Things in 2005 that I am sick of hearing about/seeing, etc:
1) Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (Who cares? Ignore them and they will go away)
2) Stupid Songs, like Gwen Stefani's Bananas & Black Eyed Pea's My Humps'
3) reality TV (c'mon isn't this over already?)
4) sequins. what is with the bad 80s fashion? Sequin purses, sequin belts...the only people who should be wearing sequins are figure skaters and kids at dance recitals
5) Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Tara Reid, the Olsen Twins, really any anorexic bottle blond with no talent who's famous for nothing other than wearing skimpy clothes and doing lots of coke

Things to look foward to in 2006:
1) getting married!
2) Big Bad Voodoo Daddy concert (for Nate's Birthday)
3) spending a week in Key West with our friends and family
4) have to find time to go to NY to see Cyndi Lauper in 'Three Penny Opera' and to see 'Lestat' on Broadway
5) Nate and my first year as a married couple

That's about it.
Happy New Year!

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